A design and innovation driven story of creative capitalism.

The holding company Vystic emerged out of Cosmosupplylab, a company founded in Hong Kong in the year 2000. Vystic is uniquely placed at the intersection of East and West, tapping into the energy of both creative worlds.


2017 Vystic is formalized

Vystic is legally and formally established as the group holding of Cosmosupplylab, Cere and Venn.

2016 Venn Design comes into being

Our third brand, Venn Design Reactor, is created as an independent unit. Venn operates the design studio and prototype laboratory in Hong Kong. A solid foundation and new strategic direction set forth for each of the three units. All the brands are design and innovation driven. Each unit becomes more independent in its operations.

2015 Cere is established

Our second brand, Cere, is founded and starts operations. Cere enables ambitious product creators from outside of Asia to gain a foothold on the continent, by amplifying their reach. In the same year, we opened new and larger headquarters in Hong Kong, complete with a design studio and the largest privately owned prototype lab in the region.

2014 Third wholly-owned industrial complex opened

Cosmosupplylab’s third 40.000 m2 industrial complex is inaugurated in Guangdong and R&D expanded with a 4.400 m2 state-of-the-art development and innovation center in China. In total 100.000.000 m2 of production capability, has been secured and demand remains steady. Our staff now number in the 10.000s.

2013 Cosmo opens R&D center in China

A 1000 m2 advanced pre-development center is established in Guangdong in close proximity to production. This move ensures even more agile scale-up of prototypes for mass production.

2012 Second wholly-owned industrial complex

Demand kept growing and therefore a second 20.000 m2 industrial complex was established in Guangdong province, close to the first complex.

Operations are stable while orders grow steadily. This year also saw a considerable increase in staff both locally and globally.


2011 First wholly-owned industrial complex

Cosmosupplylab secures a  22,000 m2 industrial complex in China’s Guangdong province. A few months later Cosmo was awarded TUV ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. Operations are initiated at a fast pace and the first orders are dispatched within a very short timespan.

2010 A change of strategic direction

The strategy of Cosmosupplylab moves more towards vertical design, development, and manufacturing of advanced engineered accessories. The company moves away from traditional sourcing and more towards increasing own manufacturing capabilities.

2009 Expansion of Cosmosupplylab HQ

The headquarter in Hong Kong is expanded with a fully-equipped design center and this is accompanied by an increase in staff.

Since 2009 Cosmosupplylab has seen a steady growth both in terms of revenue, size and staff.


2004 First major project secured

Cosmosupplylab secures its first major project with a well-known international company. This meant collaboration with a US Fortune 50 tech brand on development and manufacturing. This became a prevalent trend for the company and the business has since grown at a steady pace.

2000 Cosmosupplylab is established

Our first brand, Cosmosupplylab, is established in Hong Kong at the heart of the Kowloon peninsula.

Hong Kong has proven to be a solid and secure gateway to the Hong Kong financial framework and the fast-moving prowess of China. Hong Kong ranks high on both innovation and entrepreneurship in Asia, making it an ideal location for global headquarters.


Vystic is a design driven collection of companies and we move ahead of the curve. We aim to shatter creative barriers, seek out the unknown and fearlessly go beyond what is considered conventional.

Vystic moves in the intersection of technology and good design. We emphasize seamless integration and purposeful fusion across creative domains. We look for inspiration in unusual places, searching for like-minded individuals on our journey.

Executive Team


We lead by design, materialize through technology and convert into business. We invite both investors and like-minded creative companies to connect.



We are a group united by our passion to shape a better future. When technology, business, and design collide, a creative competitive advantage is gained.